Here’s why people are choosing Love Your Pet Animal Care Professionals.

Trooper was rescued from the Siksika Reservation by ARF as an injured puppy in the spring of 2005.  In his short life he had already witnessed and suffered terrible abuse and neglect.   When I adopted him in the fall of that year he was a gentle and sweet tempered dog but he was extremely timid with no training and no trust in humans.   I remember that he was so shy and afraid of people that if you reached out to pet him he’d cringe and run away.

Trooper started going on group runs with LYP that winter, and immediately I noticed improvements in his behavior every day.  He became calmer and more confident.  He clearly loved spending time outdoors with other dogs.  He became 100% reliable off leash.   Trooper would wag and dance around the house as the LYP van pulled into our driveway (actually he still does this – and it still makes us laugh).  He always came home from his dog runs completely satisfied and happy.  Most importantly, Trooper learned to trust people again.

Trooper is an older dog now who has enjoyed LYP group runs for 9 years – virtually his whole life.  Through it all Constance and the LYP team have helped me out countless times.  When Trooper broke his leg during the busiest time of my career they went by my house every day to check on him and carry him outside for a potty break.  When I had to travel for work unexpectedly they would come and take Trooper overnight.  They had keys to my home for 9 years and they were professional and trustworthy the entire time.

Constance and her team’s dedication to Trooper’s success has helped Trooper become the happy, well adjusted, well trained dog that he is today.

LYP is an exemplary company that is unquestionably passionate about what they do, and I do not hesitate to recommend them.  I would be pleased to speak to anyone that has questions about the life-changing experience Trooper has had with LYP.

Katherine Clayton


Dear Constance,

For our vacation this summer (2012) we contacted Love Your Pet as we were wanting a dog sitter to stay in our home with our 2 dogs (our girls) while we were away.

We met with the dog sitter (Tabitha) before our departure date.  Our girls loved her immediately, she was very friendly and playful with them. We also had a very good feeling about her.

The day of our departure, Tabitha arrived in plenty of time to ensure that our girls would be comfortable and settled before we left.  The 3 of them were cuddling when we departed.

We had occasional contact with Tabitha during our vacation.

It was very nice to be away and not have to be constantly wondering, worrying about our girls.

When we arrived home, Tabitha provided us with details of our time away. Not only did she do a fantastic job of keeping our girls happy, well exercised, feed and cuddled, but she also took care of our garden and indoor plants.

We will definitely be using Love Your Pet for our next vacation.

Thank you,

The G&S family

Dear Constance,

On behalf of the animals, staff and volunteers of the Calgary Humane Society we would like to thank you for donating prize items for our Dog Jog contests. It is because of assistance like yours that we exceeded our goals.

We are excited to report that our Annual Dog Jog raised over $103,000 which will assist us in caring for over 9,000 animals we see each year. Incase you missed our event held on May 24 at Fish Creek Park, our participants enjoyed more than just sunshine! Walkers had many different activities to participate in; from pet photography, pet caricatures, pet pampering stations, a variety of experts on hand to answer your pet related questions, and a visit from Wrinkles the Dog. We had record attendance this year with over 900 walkers and of course over 600 canine companions!

Thank you for your help in making this annual event a huge success and look out for our 2010 Annual Dog Jog which promises to be bigger and better!

Brenda Dalla Costa and the Resource Development Team at the Calgary Humane Society

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Constance and the Animal Care Professionals for about a year. During this year they have looked after my two Budgie Birds on 3 separate occasions. Each time they have taken the birds into their home and treated them as their own.

I have no hesitation in recommending Love Your Pet as a company that does a great job with birds. My animals always come back cheerful, relaxed and in great condition. The Animal Care Professionals are always cheerful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about birds.

In addition Love your Pet is very accommodating. They always work around my schedule and look after the birds the way I want. I particularly like their Pick-up and drop off service as I don’t have a vehicle.

Based on my experience any bird owner should be very pleased to have a service like Love Your Pet particularly when unexpected holidays and business trips come up.

Should you have any questions feel free to give me a call at 403 244-3753?

Christopher Denman

We’ve been so fortunate to have the support and help of Love Your Pet. Our pet has had the pleasure of going on an overnight stay, playtime and walks and we’re continually impressed by their responsiveness, professionalism and dedication to their ‘furry’ clients.

Although initially I admit feeling a little reluctant having a stranger come into my home while I was away at work, my reticence was quickly alleviated after meeting Constance and listening to the length she goes to getting to know Chai. Now, we never hesitate to call LYP and feel truly confident that our dog is loved and in the best of care.

Sincerely John and Gisele

We wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the care and affection you show our 3 cats. When we moved to Calgary a year and a half ago we were very happy to stumble upon your advertisement. It has truly been a pleasure finding a pet caregiver who cares for and adores our furry friends as much as you do. From our first meeting we could tell how much you enjoy and adore your ‘clients’ It’s truly a relief to be able to go away and not worry about the security and happiness of your four-legged friends. With you as their caregiver, we know they are well cared for and happy in their own environment. (We are especially happy that you have made such strides in gaining Tilley’s trust. As you know she is a very shy cat and wary of new people. She is a very sweet cat, and we are delighted that she no longer hides when you come to care for her and her brothers and shows you affection while we are away.) We greatly appreciate your services and look forward to many many more opportunities to call upon you.

Dawn-Marie and Danny (as well as Winston, Elmo and Tilley)

Hi Constance,

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the great care you have given our dog Mira. In August of 2005 we found ourselves without a dog sitter for the first time in four years. Up until that point, Mira had only been cared for by our close friends. She is a humane society dog and was a year and a half when we got her. Due to past experiences, Mira does not take to all people the same and we were quite worried about finding someone that could understand Mira’s “special” personality. We don’t have children and to us Mira is very much our only child. Finding Constance at Love Your Pet was the answer we had been looking for! Not only did Mira bond with Constance while we were away for those 10 days in August but she wouldn’t leave her side when they dropped her back off. I had to lure Mira to me with a treat! Since that time I have recommended Love Your Pet to many people. Mira gets very excited to see Constance and she loves the off leash walks that Constance takes her on. We have a very tired and happy pet when we get home from work on the days Mira gets taken for these walks. I trust Constance completely with access to our home and alarm system when we are not there. If anyone should like to speak with me personally about my experiences with Love Your Pet then they can certainly call me at 229-1086.

Kelley Doyle

For close to a year Constance and her Love Your Pet staff provided daily afternoon walks for our rescue Greyhound. While I had some initial trepidation with handing over house keys to a complete stranger the professional manner Constance projected upon out initial meeting laid my fears to rest. Not only was she able to meet our schedule, she was also able meet out specific requests with regard to our Turbo. Specifically, concerns we had around off leash activity and his diet. Over the year Turbo went from an ill, timid ex-racer to a giant, healthy mooch, due in no small part to his daily walks and socialization with other dogs. Throughout the year Constance would alert us to any concerns she had about Turbo, which I feel demonstrated that she really cared for our dog. As well, Constance was always able to accommodate changes in our needs, even when we were only able to provide very short notice. Even though her business has grown significantly in the last year she has maintained the same level of service even though our needs declined over the year. I can comfortably recommend Constance’s services and if you wish to contact me directly please do not hesitate to do so.

Kevin Gerrits
email: jitenshakun@shaw.ca

To future Love Your Pet clients:

We have used the services of Love Your Pet on various occasions to take care of our cat, Nooney. We have found that regardless of the length of time we have been away from home, we return to find a very content cat. Before we found Love Your Pet, we relied upon the courtesy of friends to take care of Nooney while we were away. Although you can ask a friend to feed your cat, you cannot ask them to care about your pet. When we would return she would have a crazy look in her eye and be extremely needy for days. Now we feel very comfortable leaving Nooney when we go away; and secretly think she looks forward to time spent with Constance. Constance of Love Your Pet has also been kind enough to take in our mail and even water our plants while we have been away for extended periods. In our opinion, she exceeds our expectations and we definitely recommend Love Your Pet to others for their pet needs.

Darren Sangster & Nancy Wilson

Whomever it may concern,

I am writing this letter in regards to Love Your Pet Animal Care Professionals and the service that they have provided for me in the past few months. I have been extremely impressed with the manner in which LYP (Constance) has preformed. We have a young puppy that needs constant care and attention and she has done everything asked of her in a professional and super servicing manner! We have used LYP for both their walking service and doggy day care services when we are away. I have been very pleased with their professionalism, and expert advice and care for my dog. I strongly recommend them!

Ryan Josue

To whom it may concern,

We had occasion to use the services of Love Your Pet when we took a short trip to Victoria. We have four dogs ranging in age from 5 to 16 years. Our 16 year old dog has special medical needs and is a finicky eater. When Constance came over for her preliminary visit she was thorough in garnering important information regarding our pets. The dogs were very well looked after while we were away and the house was clean and tidy. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Love Your Pet to other pet owners. They did a wonderful job!

Beverley and Helmut Deisinger

To whom it may concern,

This is a letter recommending Love Your Pet for the care of your animal. For the past seven years I have rarely traveled out of concern for my dog. Then, I found Constance who began by walking my dog. I could see how sensitively she treated her, and she quickly became bonded to her. She has cared for her in her home and she thrived under her attention. She is dependable and knowledgeable being very prepared for any emergency. I have no hesitation in recommending LYP for any services, including pet-sitting in your home.

Dorothy Dyker
(403) 277.3647

To whom it may concern:

Our labradoodle Gizmo began his Love Your Pet experience in January 2006 for doggie day care because I was traveling. He enjoyed his week with Constance so much that upon my return, I booked him for ongoing, twice weekly dog walks. Gizmo loves Constance and Wendy, and watches for the Love Your Pet van to arrive at the house. The experience has made Gizmo a happy and friendly pet that is very well socialized with people and other animals. I would not hesitate to recommend the Love Your Pet team and their services to any responsible pet owner. Sincerely,
Sheryl Millholland

Love Your Pet does exactly that.  We have been thrilled with all of the services offered by Constance and her team.  Zoe, our 10 year old dog has had the gentle care that her age requires, and Karma our puppy gets all the games and fun that she needs to burn her puppy energy. We know that when Wendy or Constance comes to pick up the girls that they are going to have the best care available.  We hate leaving our dogs, (and I always worry about their well-being), but they are safe and cared for with love, and that makes it easier.  The girls always come home happy, healthy and tired, and we are grateful to Love Your Pet for this care and peace of mind.

Heather and Paul

Dear Constance
Thank you for taking such good care of us when Dad and Mom go away. Sometimes they put some of their stuff in things they call “suitcases” and go away for a few days, but you appear to stay with and care for us! Even though they’re gone, we get to stay at home (instead of going away to that place called the “kennel”), go on all of our favorite walks, play with our toys, sleep on our pillows and even eat out of our own dishes. The best part is all the lovin’ we get from you!
We’ve heard Dad and Mom say they are happy when they get home because we look good and are so relaxed (well, except for Katana who’s kinda crazy), and don’t have something they call an “upset stomach” that we have had when
we’ve been away at that “kennel” place. And they say that the house looks nice too (whatever that means? Silly humans!).

We’d like to let all of our fellow canine friends out there know how special you are and how well you care for us, so you can love them too. If anyone asks, just tell them that you have the highly sought after “Harley & Katana
Stamp of Approval”.


Harley, and Katana too
and our Dad and Mom – Bruce & Sharon Wright

For the past year and a half, Love Your Pet has taken care of our beloved labrador retriever, Noah. Constance is available at very short notice, and is flexible when our plans change. Although we feel guilty leaving Noah behind, at least we know that he is in his own home environment, and that he is being cared for by someone who knows and loves him. And there’s no kennel smell to deal with when we are reunited! We are grateful for Love Your Pet’s services.

Sandra and Alan

To Whom It May Concern:

We just wanted to write a quick note to recognize the great services that have been provided by Love Your Pet.  Our Dog Paisley is picked up for a weekly group dog walk on Wednesday’s.  When we come home on Wednesday evenings she is usually passed out and has very little energy the rest of the night.  It gives Paisley the opportunity to socialize and play with other four legged friends, and gives us a great mid-week break.  Paisley has also been on a couple overnight stays and multi-night stays with Wendy from Love Your Pet.  We have had the opportunity to see Paisley’s reaction when Wendy arrives with the Love Your Pet van to pick her up for an overnight stay.  Paisley was more excited than we have every seen her and did not even look back to say goodbye.  More than anything, we trust the Love Your Pet Professionals and have great comfort knowing that we are leaving our four legged family member in great hands.

Travis & Stacey Blahun (and Paisley)

Love Your Pet has taken great care of our dog Wrigley – he gets so excited when they show up in the morning to take him on his walks and is usually exhausted when he comes home.  He often gets more excited to see Constance or Wendy than to see us at the end of the day!!!  They are flexible to accommodate special requests and best of all truly care about the pets.  We would highly recommend their services.

Sarah & Eric Francis (Calgary Sun & Jack FM)

Over the years we have always worried about our pets when planning a vacation. Who would look after them? Would they be well cared for? Would they be lonely? Often it just seemed easier to stay home and avoid the worry altogether.

However, that wasn’t very realistic, and sometimes you really have to be away. We began seriously looking for someone to fill this gap that we felt would be reliable and caring. There seemed to be a great many companies/individuals out there that claimed they could look after bunnies but when questioned further, didn’t actually have any hands-on experience. Eventually we discovered ‘Love Your Pet’. We liked what we heard so we decided to give it a try and were delighted with the service we received and how well everything went in our absence.

At that particular time we had three rabbits, all surrenders so they tended to be a little more high-needs. On our return home we found them lively and alert and we felt very confident that they had been well treated. The service provided to us included in-home visits twice a day during which their pens/hutches were cleaned, litter boxes refreshed, fresh food and water were added and vitamins/treats were given as directed. They also opened blinds to give them sunlight during the day and closed them at night. And most important of all, they would pet, talk and play the bunnies.

We consider the care our bunnies received in our absence to be excellent. They were able to stay in their own surroundings and still receive the caring human contact that is so important to them. And of course, it has taken a lot of the stress of us. We feel like we are leaving our pets in good hands and don’t have to worry.

When we go on vacation now we book our ‘bunny sitter’ early to give up peace of mind. Our bunny family has changed a little over time, but we feel confident that the staff of Love Your Pet will continue to provide us with the great service we have received to date.

Kind Regards,
Heather Allen