Our History

Our History

Love Your Pet Animal Care Professional began operations in January of 2003 as a small family run word-of-mouth business. Since then, Love Your Pet has grown from our founder Constance Burlock walking a few dogs and looking longingly at larger packs, thinking “one day”, to a team of nearly 20 service providers and a network of hosting homes all following her lead to love pets any chance they can.

Every new team member that joins us in Constance’s mission must show an over the top love of animals and a willingness to put their well-being above all else. Our team has a varied background of fostering animals, working at societies or finally filling a lifelong desire to just work with animals all day.

We have had the pleasure of taking over packs from retiring walkers and we look forward to the opportunity to bring more pets into our care in the future.

The mission of Love Your Pet is to connect pet owners with pet lovers who can’t wait to take care of your animal in any ways they need.

Our vision is a world where no dog goes un-walked and no cat goes lonely. We strive to create environments of fun for our clients. We strive to create environments of calm for our clients. Our purpose is to play with and take great care of somebody’s best friend every single day.

From the clerical, to sales, marketing, customer service and management we never forget that what makes us successful is giving pets great days. May this truth guide us to where we want to be in this world, next to a pet.