Off-Leash Pack Walks Airdrie

Two hour off leash group walks

All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations

Doggy adventure time begins with Love Your Pet! Want an effective way to socialize and give some much-needed exercise to your pooch?

Our group dog walks are an excellent way to give your dog the opportunity to do both!

Love Your Pet has 5 acres for frolicking and puppy play time! We own our private, fully fenced, off-leash park and we regulate who comes onto the property, allowing for better protection of your furry family members. In the winter, there is a 3,000sqft indoor area to warm up, and in the summer, refreshing pools to splash in!

For dogs with more special needs, such as high-energy pups or senior dogs, we have separate areas available (as required/requested) to allow them extra quiet time or the freedom to burn the natural extra energy they exude!

We also have separate areas for both large and small dogs if required.

When you get home, your dog will be well-exercised and content, giving you the chance to focus on the rest of your evening tasks.

It’s this simple: We’ll pick your pooch up prior to walking, s/he’ll enjoy a stress-free and fun-filled environment, and we’ll return your dog safely after the walk is done.

Please note that your dog will be walked for the full two hours, as time starts once we reach the park.


$18/Walk for 1 dog
$30/Walk for 2 dogs
$10 for every extra dog

*Dogs must be from same household
*Specialized programs can always be developed to ensure your pet is enjoying its favourite activities.
* Prices do not include GST or Gas Surcharge.
*We do not do dog walking on holidays.

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